I'm a UX Designer who creates tailored user experiences for B2B and B2C companies

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I’m Jaclyn, a UX Designer with experience in user research, UX design, and accessibility.

Previously, I was a freelance designer and front-end developer. During that time I designed, wrote content, and developed websites for startups, non-profits, and emerging businesses in the media, arts, and lifestyle industries.

My experience as a freelance unicorn has been integral to how I quickly cut to the heart of a problem through research and rapidly iterate on design solutions that, thanks to my experience as a front-end developer, are always feasible to build.

Engaging with freelance clients throughout the design and development process has equipped me with a set of tools that allow me to jump into any scenario quickly and rally stakeholders toward a common goal.

Case Studies

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Research & UX Design
Reducing level-of-effort to find transactions in online banking activity

Design problem: how might we improve the experience of finding and approving transactions in business online banking?

UX DesignUser ResearchWorkshop facilitationStakeholder management
Interaction Design
Optimizing the locations feature of a mobile banking app

Updating an existing feature to utilize mobile first standards while making considerations for accessibility.

Heuristic evaluationCompetitive analysisPrototyping
Research & UX Design
Showing Return On Investment for Users of an Airline Rewards Savings Account

Design problem: motivate end-users to continue to engage with their online savings account by visualizing rewards earned.

UX DesignUser research synthesisStakeholder management


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